Why Reshare on Pinterest?

Why reshare on Pinterest? Listen to today’s podcast on Blog Talk Radio or read below for today’s social media article.


What Is Pinterest?

In case you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is a visual social media site. Users “pin” or save pictures with attached links to content onto virtual “boards” to organize their contents. Boards can be shared or private, and you can invite other people to pin ideas there, too.

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According to the help section on Pinterest:

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is where people discover new ideas and find inspiration to do the things they love!

Pins are ideas that help you get creative or try something new, whether you’re planning a camping trip or collecting home improvement hacks.

Pins are saved to boards, keeping your ideas organized and easy to find. Follow other people or boards that are saving ideas you’re interested in, so you can do even more of what you love.

Why use Pinterest for marketing?

According to the Pinterest website, 1 billion pins are saved each month. Let that sink in: 1 billion! And the site announced last year that they have 150 million users on the site every month.

As of today, that makes Pinterest second only in popularity to Facebook. The demographics of Pinterest users tends to skew female and younger than Facebook, with how-to projects, crafts, cooking, home decorating and other ‘visual’ topics favored on the site.

That’s not to say that business-related content isn’t good to share there – it is – but it won’t get the same bump as a post with pictures of a gorgeous remodel or an antique chair repainted into a stunning work of art.

pinterest marketing
Pinterest is great for visually stunning images matched to content links. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Why use Pinterest?

At Persimoney, we are all about women business owners, and women tend to own home-based businesses, craft businesses, and MLM businesses (think LulaRoe, Avon, Mary Kay, Lila Rose, Pampered Chef, etc).

These are GREAT businesses to promote using Pinterest!

Bloggers, crafters, artists, solo proprietors, retailers, direct sales professionals can all benefit by sharing their work to Pinterest. It’s ideal for marketing any content that sells via pictures. And it’s a great traffic driver to content marketing and bloggers, too.

On my own blog, ranks 2ndor 3rdafter organic search and Facebook or direct clicks. That means that it accounts for about 10% of all my traffic, and I don’t even use it as often as I should or as well as I should. Every blog expert I’ve talked to says that maximizing Pinterest is a great move and second only to building your site’s SEO for search engine optimization.

What is a Pinterest reshare?

Resharing on Pinterest means pinning, or sharing, content that you have shared before. It’s saving the same links to Pinterest, although not necessarily the same pictures (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

Why reshare?

With 150 million users each month, pinning your original content just once doesn’t stand much of a chance of getting noticed. Over 100 BILLION pins are saved each month means your little lonely pin, saved just once, doesn’t stand a very good chance of getting hits, clicks, and saves.

Unlike traditional search engines like Google, Pinterest doesn’t penalize duplicate content. It actually rewards it. With each pin of the same image and article, the site gets ‘smarter’ and understands the context around which the pin is related
Take my website, homegardenjoy.com. It is about gardening and enjoying, eating, and saving what you grow. Each time I pin from the site about gardening, cooking, plants, herbs, vegetables, canning, etc., Pinterest’s algorithm actually gets ‘smarter’ about what I am sharing and begins to rank it better when people search for topics related to my pins.

Pinterest recommends that businesses – and that’s you if you’re a blogger, website owner or content marketer, jewelry maker, artist, or small business owner – pin DAILY and CONSISTENTLY. So don’t try to do all your pins on one day of the week. Better to pin 5 things each day than 35 things on Monday.

Grow Your Audience on Pinterest: Tips

How can you grow your audience if you’re up against 1 billion pins a month?

REPINNING is as the name implies pinning the same thing again and again.

What should you repin?

  1. Pin your most popular stuff – the pins that get traffic to your site. Look at google analytics or whatever analytics program you have set up to monitor that.
  2. Look at the number of hits a page or post gets. Repin the top ones.
  3. Repin seasonal items especially if they are holiday themed…pin items from years back.
    Join public boards and forums to pin on those boards. Pin again on your own boards. Make up new boards related to a category to pin again.
  4. Refresh old blog posts with new photos and repin. This strategy can also be used to A/B test photos to see which image gets the most engagement.
  5. And of course, you must keep pinning new, fresh content. If you keep pinning old stuff Pinterest won’t give you the boost you are hoping its algorithm gives you.

Good tools to help include Tailwind, which helps you schedule pins and provides excellent insights and analytics. You can use their tool to make pins at the best times for resharing, based on previous data from your site, or figure out which pins have the most potential.

A few pro tips:

  • Check the descriptions under your photos before pinning them – check them on Pinterest. My own photos tend to pop up lacking description. Rewrite them so they are fresh each time
  • Add and test new hashtags. Find hashtags trending in your niche, cross promote, look at what others in your field are doing
  • Put Pinterest on your daily calendar. Spread out your pins so you pin a few times a day rather than in a big batch.

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