7 Tips for Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing (blogging) can be an effective traffic generator. If you run an online business, adding a keyword-rich blog to your website can bring people to your site.

Blog with a purpose. Short, long, or in the middle, length doesn’t matter quite so much anymore as why you’re doing what you’re doing. Always keep in mind your readers and customers; what do they want to know, learn, or get from your content?


Techniques for Effective Article Marketing

All marketing begins and ends with the customer. Article marketing begins and ends with the audience (the reader or customer.) Yes, you’re promoting your own particular concept and your website or information product. However, you should never promote your ideas at the expense of reader interest.

Having some questions in her head . Mixed media

Make sure that anything you write addresses the main question everyone asks, which is

Why should I care?

What’s in it for me?

Seven tips for better article marketing and blogging:

  1. Solve a potential problem
  2. Offer valuable information
  3. Share something unique or unusual
  4. Make the reader say “I did not know that!”
  5. Teach the reader something
  6. Make his or her life easier
  7. Use a simple, conversational tone




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